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Posted by kyle on August 18th, 2015 filed in Virtualization, Windows 10, Windows Deployment

With apologies to the Hansons and anyone who now has MMMBop stuck in their head.

Microsoft have release the latest version of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP 2015) – available to all MSDN subscribers here.

So, buy what is MDOP 2015? Well it is the new release of a bunch of tools that have been around for a while now with new updates including (from the MSDN website):

Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization

Application Virtualization App-V 5.1

•    Support for Windows 10

•    Improved look and feel to the Management Console

•    Improved functionality in the Sequencer

o    Import and export the manifest file

o    Enable or disable Browser Helper Objects

o    Import and export virtual registry keys

o    Import a directory into the virtual file system

•    Support in Package Converter for multiple scripts on a single event trigger

Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring MBAM 2.5 SP1

•    Support for Windows 10 and System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SP2

•    Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP1

•    MBAM Client now supports 13 new languages

•    Ability to escrow OwnerAuth passwords without owning the TPM

•    Ability to automatically unlock the TPM after a lockout

•    Support for FIPS-compliant BitLocker numerical password protectors

•    Functionality that enables BitLocker using MBAM as part of a Windows deployment

User Experience Virtualization UEV 2.1 SP1

•    Support for Windows 10

•    Compatibility with Microsoft Azure

•    Support Added for Roaming Network Printers

Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit DaRT 10

•    Support for Windows 10

•    Removal of Windows Defender from DaRT tools

Advanced Group Policy Management AGPM 4.0 SP3

•    Support for Windows 10

•    Improved process for upgrading



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