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 Windows PC Guy » That time when you get a call from your mother…

That time when you get a call from your mother…

Posted by kyle on August 11th, 2015 filed in Windows 10

I got a call from my mother on the weekend about her computer. I should preface the rest of this story with a sideline that my mum is pretty computer savy – when I have helped in the past with remote support I have been able to ask for an IP address and have her give me one without much hesitation – a feat that a few “younger” users would struggle with. In the past she has happily been able to RDP to a server and perform changes for me – so she is as I say – savy in the way of computers.

Having said that – my folks have downsized their business and their computer needs – so now they have a laptop and a desktop – and I still get the occasional call when Mum gets stuck. So when I get a call that is “I have a problem with this computer” then I naturally do that thing that all IT admins do when getting a call from family… wondering what is wrong.

The conversation started with “I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 the other day and now I am locked out” – to which I immediately thought that perhaps Mum had been tricked in to the Windows 10 ransomware email. Then there was a further discussion that included clicking on the invite and reserving the update – which then lead to me starting to breathe again as I worked out that indeed Mum had reserved a copy of Windows 10 using the upgrade process that I have previously referred to.

So – what happened then? Well, sale sometime last week, page the invite came live, rx Mum installed it and then is now in Windows 10 – and loving it – smoothest transition ever between operating systems – from the start to finish – it was the first time that there was a full upgrade between operating systems that did not involve me at all – normally I am there doing it not finding out about it afterwards! Only criticism from the update was from Dad “Can you set the home page for Edge to be Bing? – I really like the picture that comes up when it opens” and yes – that was all – just that the home page in Edge (Dad knew the browser was now known as Edge!) wasn’t Bing – so that got sorted out and he was happy. (if you are wondering – in Edge, click on the ellipsis button … , Settings, Open with, A specific page or pages and select Bing in the drop down).

But getting back to the original call, “I am locked out” – what was that about? Well – Windows 10 is linked directly (if you choose it to be) to a Microsoft Account (MSA) – and that was where Mum got tripped up – the MSA account was showing on the login screen but Mum didn’t know what to do with it – so a quick prompt of memory helped – and then she was back in.

Who knew that I would be telling a story about my mum and Windows 10?



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