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 Windows PC Guy » Patch now – KB2919355!

Patch now – KB2919355!

Posted by kyle on July 22nd, 2015 filed in Uncategorized

Howdy! Overnight Microsoft released an urgent fix for all versions of Windows to fix a security issue. The details of it are here. Basically there is a vulnerability in the way that Windows handles OpenFont fonts. So if you opened a document or went to a website that took advantage of that exploit then it is possible for someone to get control over your machine aka remote code execution.

So – what to do? Well, price head to Windows Update and update your machine as soon as possible. If you are an administrator, check then ensure that patch management is in place and WSUS is updating. For more information on the update itself you can go here.

One thing to note is although those links don’t mention it – you need to make sure you patch any Windows 10 devices as well. Spread the word!



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