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It’s a date!

Posted by kyle on June 1st, 2015 filed in Windows 10

Today Microsoft have announced the launch date of Windows 10 – 29th July 2015. This matches up with the date mentioned by one of Microsoft’s OEM partner last month. After having been using the technical preview for a while I am confident that the release will be a successful one as the base is pretty solid (not withstanding my issues with the last release).

Now the sell starts on getting the folk on Windows 7 and above ready for the update and signed up for the same. As previously announced – for the first year after RTM the update from Window 7 and above to Windows 10 will be free. This is a way for Microsoft to push folk forward to Windows 10 and ensure that we don’t end up in the same situation as Windows XP with a bunch of people still on an expiring operating system. Make it free and pull people forward.

The first evidence of that has appeared today with Windows 7 users now seeing a new icon on the task bar in the form of an Arrow icon.

If you click on the icon you then are presented with:

So – it’s confirmed – free full version. Sounds good – go and “reserve” your download now!




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