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 Windows PC Guy » When service doesn’t mean what you think it does

When service doesn’t mean what you think it does

Posted by kyle on May 31st, 2015 filed in Windows 10

There has been much discussion over the last couple of months over a statement that came from a presentation from Microsoft about Windows 10. In that presentation, shop there was mention of a phrase “Windows as a Service” which some media and blog sites have taken and run with in a completely wrong direction.

So – what is Windows as a Service? Well, the way that it was meant (and has been clarified on a number of occasions) is service as a method of updates, rather than service as a rental. Microsoft have repeatedly stated that Windows will not be a subscription service (Office 365 is an example of a subscription service – consumers pay a yearly fee for access) Windows is not an example of this.

Windows as a Service then, what does it mean? Well, it is a shift in the update methodology of Windows, rather than updates being applied to a set version of Windows (this is the way that Windows has been up until now) instead there will be a continuous servicing of the operating system – which basically means that Windows will constantly get new features – or be serviced. You may have also read that this is the last version of Windows – this is what is meant by that statement – the product will not actually ever be finished so to speak.

One other bonus as well – the first year of release, Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade for the first year after release for licenced copies of Windows 7 and above. (note the qualifier of licencing – not as reported earlier in the year a free for all for pirated copies Windows). It should also be qualified that this is not for enterprise versions, that is still going to have a charge for that one.

Summarising then – is Microsoft going to charge folk a subscription charge for Windows 10? No. (simple answer to that one really)



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