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 Windows PC Guy » Elsa, Do you want to install a Win 10 build?

Elsa, Do you want to install a Win 10 build?

Posted by kyle on February 12th, 2015 filed in Windows 10, Windows Insider Preview

(I hope that popped into your head with the tune of “Do you want to build a Snowman?”)


So – you decided to install Windows 10 – you read all the previous caveats and still decided it was ok for you? Excellent – well – read on dear reader.


Last week I had my Dell XPS 13 replaced (twice as it turned out – but that is a separate issue) and I had need to therefore rebuild it as Windows 10 from the Window 8.1 that was installed. Rather than do a dump and burn of the existing OS I decided to do an inplace upgrade. In place upgrades will be the norm rather than the exception with Windows 10 so it seemed timely.

So here are the steps:

  1. Sign up to the Windows Insider program – this is the easy bit and has also been documented previously in another post. (here is a hint though : https://insider.windows.com/)
  2. After signing up you will then be able to download and install the Windows 10 Technical Preview. First step is to start the setup wizard:


  3. Read and accept the End User Licence Agreement (we all read EULA’s right?)


  4. The setup will now run a system check to make sure that you are ready to go with your setup.


  5. As long as that goes ok – then you are good to go – and can then decide when you want to the upgrade.


  1. If you decide to schedule the upgrade then you can go ahead and select a time and date and then click Upgrade at a scheduled time.


  2. In my case, cialis I just wanted to get it started so clicked on Start upgrade now. Then after a couple of reboots, discount 18 Minutes and 18 Seconds later – I had my desktop back and updated to Windows 10.


    So there you have it – the upgrade process – simple, troche easy and quick!


    In the next post I will look at configuring Cortana to take advantage of the new functionality and also setting up OneDrive.




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